Bridal Packages

Crafted to suit any party size


please contact for interstate or international rates outside this travel cap




Extra Large

$ 1100-

$ 1350-

$ 1600-

$ 1950-

4 hours

up to 4 makeups


2 x hair and makeups

5 hours

up to 6 makeups

7 hours

up to 8 makeups

5.5 hours

up to 10 makeups

assistant included

What's included

in a Bridal booking?

I am yours

to love and to cherish

to have and to hold

‘til death do us party!

When you book me for your special day, you'll be my sole focus for that date. You can modify your start or end times as you see fit, within the allocated timeline. This flexibility ensures that minor changes in your plans can be accommodated seamlessly.

You'll notice each package allocates a number of services in accordance with that size. You can swap people in or out with complete flexibility. Your package booking ensures that your allocated quantity of services can be performed.

I take enormous pride in being a part of your special day. My only goal is to make you feel like the most amazing version of yourself. I will work with you to curate exactly what you envision. Your happiness is my happiness.

To guarantee you’re set for the day, you’ll each be left with a small touch up kit. Each kit contains a lip touch up, lip wand, spoolie, powder puff, mini sponge and a few other goodies depending on the season so you’ll be set to party with peace of mind!

frequently asked questions

  • Does your service include lashes and can I have lash extension or a lift?

Every makeup application includes lashes and are personalised to suit your vision through high quality individual lashes. These are far more comfortable and durable (especially through tears) than a standard strip lash. Lash extensions are totally fine but where possible, avoid a lash lift if you’re wanting lashes applied, otherwise, a lift is a great option if you prefer a more natural look.

  • Do you offer trials and are they required?

Every artist has their own beliefs around Bridal trials. For me personally, I’m happy to support whatever suits you as a client. Trials aren’t always necessary or even sometimes, possible, due to location and that choice is totally yours. A trial, however, is a great way to pin-point exactly what you do and don’t want, discuss ideas and chat about the logistics of your day. To book a trial simply head to my booking site and select ‘Bridal Trial’ at your own leisure to find a time that suits. CLICK HERE TO BOOK

  • How long does it take?

Each Bridal party is a little different but due to my years in retail and event makeup, I move efficiently! I’m more than happy to go at your pace but typically I allow around 45 minutes per person for makeup and 1 hour and 30 minutes for hair and makeup per person if applicable. These time frames are accounted for and outlined in each package's allocation.

  • What brands and products do you use?

All makeup used is durable. colour inclusive and lightweight. Only professional products including DIOR, NARS, MAC, Fenty, Charlotte Tilbury and an extensive variety of other high end cosmetics are used. This will ensure that your results are long lasting, natural and flawless throughout your special day!

  • When should I book?

It's important to secure your appointment as early on as possible to avoid unavailablity on your Wedding Day. It’s never too early but generally bookings are open up to 18 months in advance.

  • What is your group minimum?

The 'Small' package is the minimum allocation for any bridal booking due to timing and logistics.

  • Can you recommend any vendors?

When you secure your date with me, you will automatically gain access to my recommended vendors PDF. After years in the bridal space, I have had the pleasure of working with a multitude of talented creators. My list features florists, photographers, hairstylists and stylists, to bring you an easy directory from one place.

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